Appearance in meatspace: short and thin 25 year old human female, pale skin, hazel eyes. No cosmetics. Several ear piercings. Brown hair shaved on the side and combed over to hide the datajack. She typically wears a denim jacket or hoodie and cargo pants. On her head is a WW2 German soldier helmet decorated with flower decals, a peace sign, and a yin yang symbol.

Matrix appearance: same, although it looks like you’re watching her on a 20th century analog television with a poor antenna and electronic noise. Her image is overlaid with static or “Snow.”


Chrissy White (aka Snow) was a mistake. Don’t call her Chrissy, or else she’ll hack into your perverted browsing history and send it to your mom’s commcode.

Snow’s father was born in France in 2029. He embezzled from the company pension fund and moved to the UCAS where he changed his name to Liam White. He met Snow’s mother, Emma, in NYC and then they moved to Montreal where Snow was born. Shortly after that they split up and Snow lived primarily with her mom.

Emma cleaned houses. Liam rarely worked. They lived off Liam’s one-time theft of millions of nuyen from poor old folks. Neither parent wanted kids, but Emma was catholic, so when the “oops” happened, she resigned herself to motherhood. Nature never kicked in like it is supposed to, and Emma was not able to bond with her daughter. Snow’s dad was a narcissist, which limited his ability to truly love someone. Both parents openly resented being burdened with a kid, so Snow moved out when she was 17 years old.

In meatspace, Snow is always chewing gum, and she likes to blow bubbles during conversations. It gives her a few seconds to pause to consider her responses. Idle chit chat is torture. Get to the point and then stop talking, hoser. There’s a distinct difference between being nice and being kind. She intends to get more practice at being nice, but she is almost always kind to her chummers.

Starting life SIN-less, Snow never attended college, but she learned that community colleges have shit for security. She was always able to make a few nuyen by editing a student’s GPA. That led to better paying hacking jobs, and before long she was recruited by Mr. Johnson for jobs that paid serious nuyen. Now she’s saving money to upgrade to a primo deck.



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