Minor Event

Troll, Combat Medic


611”, 390 lbs, male Troll. His hair is brown with green eyes and tan skin. Minor Event is smartly dressed and appears young in the face.


Troy, aka Minor Event was born upstate NY. Other than his strong accent no one knows exactly where he was born other than his Lone Star former employers. Minor Event is only 20 years old.

He doesn’t talk about his family often and most who know him have heard him speak of a brother in Oakland Cal-Free state. Other than that mention, he has no family.

Minor Event went to a trade school in NY for Lone Star. He has always liked helping people so it was a natural fit for him to learn to be part of a Doc Wagon team. His personal politics and religion allowed for his acceptance of all kinds.
Troy thought he was going to cruise at his job with Lone Star. Everything was going great until… Until Lone Star made him choose between helping someone with a doc wagon contract or letting a witness die. Minor Event thought he chose the right thing. The families of the 6 dead Lone Star agents who tried to stop him disagree. He was imprisoned for his crime. In prison he had to fight to survive. His natural prowess is how he got the name and Minor Event was born. He learned something though. Killing doesn’t always solve things. He thinks before he does it now. He drinks to slow his response to anger.
His only goal now is to save more then he kills. Then to be drunk through it all mastering the drunken style with other Masters. Anything to keep him slow to anger. Slow to have another, “Minor Event!”

Minor Event

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