Jean-ny Cab

The Friendly Cabbie


Metatype: NA
Sex: NA
Age: NA
Connection Rating: Variable
Type: Transportation
Preferred Payment: Cash
Hobbies/Vice: NA
Personal Life: NA
Cost: 2/4/6
Connection/Loyalty: Variable
Affiliations: The city of Montreal, Citizens of Montreal, Guests of Montreal


<<advertisement>> Are you looking for safe and dependable transportation? Think Jean-ny Cab! Our fleet of automated taxis are ideal for visitors to Montreal as well as those who have lived in the city all their lives. With the latest in animatronic drivers, Jean-ny Cab puts a metahuman face on what could be an otherwise bland trip. Jean-ny Cab makes a beautiful Montreal trip pleasant and informative with up-to-date factoids in its memory. Unlike other companies, Jean-ny Cab’s armored taxis service the West End and Old Montreal districts. If at any time you feel threatened, Jean-ny Cab comes with a Panic Button hardwired into the passenger area. With just a press of the button, local Gendarmerie officers will be dispatched to your location to assist you. When you need to get somewhere, call Jean-ny Cab!”

Likes: Montreal history, Interesting facts, Big tippers, polite people
Dislikes: Getting ditched, Being ignored, being Corrected

Special rules/Abilities:

Hey Big spender: Depending on which point increment Johnny is purchased at will make different plans available and increase his loyalty appropriately

The fine print:

Must be linked to a SIN. Member is responsible for all legal fines associated with operation and usage of the rented Johnny Cab. Damages will also be automatically deducted from your account for your banking convenience.
Everyone Loves Johnny Cab

Due to a massive paperwork backlog, no one is really sure who owns Johnny Cab. As such Johnny Cab isn’t subject to extraterritoriality. He will still announce his presence, and if questioned will state who he is there to pick up.

Basic Member plan: (cost 2 Karma)

An official Johnny Cab cab will be dispatched post haste to pick you and your party up from any location in the Seattle sprawl and immediate outlying areas. Our clean, timely and well informed automated drivers will deliver you to your destination.

Preferred member plan (4 Karma)

An official Johnny Cab armored transport will escort you and your party, up to 8 people, in stylish protection. You will arrive in pristine condition, fashion notwithstanding. These vehicles will come equipped with full manual control options for your hands on driving pleasure.

Platinum membership plan (6 Karma)

The Official Johnny Cab City Master wIll arrive in minutes at your location to assist in all your transportation needs. This complete package includes a built in rigger interface to truly feel the road. A retractable roof will allow you to feel the night breeze in your hair. A linked roto drone will keep you apprised of traffic conditions.


Looks like this was lifted from Seattle and was oriiginally called Johnny cab. Never mind, it seems cool. Wait, wasn’t there a sci fi movie with johnny cab?

Mike, I stole it from Runnerhub on Reddit and it was Johnny cab originally. I believe it was inspired by Total Recall (which was based on a Phillip K. Dick short story).

Jean-ny Cab

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