Faster, Tabarnak d'Calice en Crisse !!


1. Name/ AKA.

JF Tremblay / Gizmodo

2. Sex?


3. Race and size?

Ork. 6’2"

4. Color of Hair, eyes and skin?

Black (shaven) / Brown / white

5. What is PC’s general appearance?

A bit slender for an Ork, yet muscular. Always poorly shaven. Wears either coveralls with knee/elbow pads or tactical clothes. Always wears cutoff gloves for driving.

6. Where were you born?

Hospital in Laval, QC.

7. How old are you?


8. What is PC’s family situation?

Family is upper-middle, educated WASPs. Ostricized by family because of Ork status.

9. Does PC have own family? Describe.


10. Where or how was PC educated?

McGill university (Montreal, QC), Engineering major

11. What are PC’s political and/ or religious beliefs?

Don’t care about politics, don’t care about religion

12. What did PC do before Shadowrunning?

Student, then member of Hellsouls gang

13. What is PC’s moral code?

Money first, driving fast second, not getting shot third.

14. Does PC have any goals?

Right now: pay back what I owe so the Hellsouls stop harassing me.

15. What lead PC to becoming a Shadowrunner?

Needed quick cash for paying back debt, and had all the required gear.

16. What is PC’s general personality?

Shy, quiet, nerdy. Gruff at times.

17. What makes PC special?

He’s a speed demon, who whispers to machines.

18. What does character love?

Going fast.

19. What does character hate?

Going slow

20. Are there things that PC will not do? Why?

Kill or hurt for no good reason.



Shadowrun: Montreal booga