Doc Wasp

Street Doc


Doc Wasp
Metatype: Human
Sex: Male
Age: Early 40’s
Connection Rating: 4
Type: Shadow Services/Networking
Preferred Payment: Cash, Favors
Hobbies/Vice: Free Clinic, Charity, Cars, Drones, Street Racing
Personal Life: In relationship
Cost: 4+Loyalty Rating
Connection/Loyalty: 4/?
Affiliations: Runners, underground clinics, medical supplies, riggers, chop shops

Likes: Compassion, Charity, Helping the downtrodden
Dislikes: Drugs, BTL’s, Rude or Crude people, needless violence

Special rules/Abilities:

Teacher: First Aid, Medicine, Automotive Mechanic
Tinkerer: Wasp loves tinkering around with old bits of machinery. He can build a generic version of any drone listed in the core rulebook. The availability is the base number of days it will take to build the drone. Have the GM roll a mechanics check. Each success reduces the number of days until completion by 1 day.

Housecalls: Once per session the players can make a loyalty test to call in Wasp to their location and tend to wounds. Wasp won’t go into active combat situations unless the loyalty rating is five or above.


Doc Wasp

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