Shadowrun: Montreal

Pursued by Red Dragons

from Snow's perspective

We were only blocks from the Knight Errant precinct when motorcycles pulled up on each side of our van.  No surprise, the bikes had the Red Dragon symbol above the air intake.  A few seconds later, a van pulled up behind us. 

I went into AR and looked for hidden icons.  They were all running silent.  I did a quick Matrix peek, but I only saw one of them.  The biker on our right had a cheap commlink.  I didn't see the vehicles, but my guess is they were running with a meat interface.   Minor Event was helping me look, too, but I was at a bit of a disadvantage, injured and running silent.

Minor Event was at the back of the van, waiting for his moment to jump out of the back and literally leap onto the vehicle behind us.  No joke.  He was lit up on Kamikaze, so I wasn't about to argue with him.  I did ask him for help erasing the screamer tag on our objet d'art.    

Saber and Quinn were shooting through the gun ports Gizmodo had installed on the sides and back of the van.  The bikers tried to shoot us with a spray of bullets and fire, but they were lame.  I looked over at Gizmodo, curled over his rigger control console.  He was driving the van in VR.  He was the van.  Gizmodo swerved to cut off the guy with the flamethrower.  I'll call him Mohawk. 

Barely avoiding a collision, Mohawk leaned far on his bike, veering away from the van.  He had just recovered to drive upright when Quinn shot the fuel line on his flame thrower.  Mohawk looked down to his side to see the fuel jetting from his gas tank and BOOM!  His burning body tumbled, bounced and rolled down the street as the bike scraped across the asphalt in a flurry of sparks.  It was dope!

Saber was having trouble with his smart gun.  Attack from a decker or mage, most likely.  Gizmodo twitched and I could see smoke rising from his RCC.  I asked Agent Frosty to have a look for the enemy hacker as I reconfigured my deck for Matrix combat.  I dove into Hot Sim and hunted for that doomed hacker. 

Gizmodo sprayed oil on the road behind us.  Their van skidded a bit, but they stayed on the road.  When the distance closed, Minor made his move and leapt onto the van behind us, punched through their windshield and throttled the driver. 

Their archmage conjured a barrier in front of our van.  Gizmodo swerved and drove up onto the sidewalk to avoid smashing into the shimmering wall.  I don't think he hit any pedestrians, but if he mowed down an exec, it wouldn't break my heart.

Saber and Quinn finished the second biker.  Then Quinn aimed for the enemy's engine, but sprayed the asphalt instead.  Saber shot at the occupants in their vehicle.  Neither Quinn or Saber seem to be worried about Minor Event, who is plastered in front of their targets.  Minor climbs in through the windshield to get a better grip on their throats. 

The enemy decker had the persona of a WW2 fighter pilot.  I threw an ice spike at the plane, freezing the tail rudder and part of the wing.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take down the plane before it bricked Gizmodo's RCC.  When you're in the matrix, your body is insensate, as if you were in a coma.  And yet, when you cry in the matrix, tears fall from your face in meat space. 

Saber and Minor Event took out the mage in the back seat.  With a third ice spike, I finished the decker.  The driver crashed into the side of the building, ending the chase. 

Inside the van we found Minor Event knocked out but still breathing.  Gizmodo slapped a stimpatch on him.  Minor was up and energetic for 10 minutes before he passed out again.  At least we didn't have to carry him far. 

We spent just a minute looting the van.  We got the standard loot, plus a sweet Xiao MPG-1.  Saber also filled a pillowcase with grenades.  Then we split the scene.  I kept the jammer on while I changed the ownership of our wireless loot.   

We met up with Nick Sausilito at McQ's to drop off Dreamer at the Fountain and get paid. Nick was nice enough to arrange for our deck to be fenced and got us an awesome deal.  Nicky is okay.  I wouldn't mind doing business with him again someday.


About a week later, Saber got a call from St. James to discuss a new job.  St. James is a dick, but he doesn't screw over shadowrunners.  We all went to meet him at noon at the Bar Dasha.   

This job would require us to go far to the north in the middle of nowhere.  There is a camp near this meteor impact site, Pingualuit crater.  A technomancer is being held there and tested upon.  Pay is 20K to rescue the techno, plus 1K each for additional captives.  And 3K for additional information on this organization.  Apparently after we bring the technomancer back, he will need to be reintegrated.  What did they do to this guy?

Our employer will arrange to get us to Kangiqsujuaq, aka Wakeham Bay.  We'll be at a mining office owned by Saeder-Krupp.  Our cover story is that we will be looking for potential mining sites.  We will be given ATVs and the supplies we need to cross the frozen wasteland to get to this camp.  

This is Amerind land, and there disputes regarding treaties, the land and the resources.  Maybe we should have a cover story where we are legally allowed to be where we are going.  At least the cover story is believable:  Saeder-Krupp ignores Amerind treaty, plans to pollute land and steal resources.  

Interestingly, the technomancer we need capture to is Peter Edwardson.  Eddie Fastjack told me about his guy.  Peter was originally supposed to do the job to terrorize Humanis Policlub, but then he disappeared and I got the job instead.  I'll have to check in with Eddie to see what else he might tell me about this hacker. 




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