Shadowrun: Montreal

Humanis is a Pain in the (J)anus

The run from Saber's perspective

The PCs:  

* Saber – elf street sammie

* Quinn – elf face

* Major – troll combat medic

* Gizmodo – ork rigger

* Snow – human decker

Hey chummer, howzit? Come on in. Sorry for th' mess. Hey, I gotta go to my kenjutsu lesson in a few minutes, but I can quickly tell you about that recent run you asked about.

Quinn's Cree fixer Hotwire recommended a Mr. Johnson who needed work done. Quinn called me and Minor Event, only Minor wasn't available, so he sent his brother Major in his place. What's with these trolls and their names? Also going to the run were Snow, a human decker and Gizmodo an Ork rigger.

The Johnson was some young rich puke named Janus.  He wore AmerInd garb. What a poser!  He wanted to send a message to Humanis Policlub and wanted us to plant explosives that he supplied on 3 levels of their club in a downtown skyscraper. We negotiated 7,000 nuyen each with some upfront. Somehow Quinn talked him into paying us 3000 extra if innocents were harmed. Unbelievable!!

We took the job and figured out how to get in. Snow did a bunch of hacking and we got some floor plans and some personnel info. We found  Sasha, an elven security guard who had reason to side with us against Humanis. We found where she lived, waited for her, and then talked to her, finally deciding to pay her 2,000 nuyen to provide info and take a fall when we entered the place. When we finally did do our plan I didn't even punch her that hard.  

We discussed when to infiltrate. We finally decided to enter the parking area at 1:30 am, before the upstairs restaurant closed, so we'd have an excuse for being in the parking area.Then we would wait til 3:30 am to strike.  

Snow did a ton of prep work and a bunch of work disabling locks, controlling the elevator, faking out the cameras, and what have you.  You can't understate how important a good decker backup is.  Gizmodo did some great scouting with his drones as well.  Nice to finally have a bit of recon for once.

Major and myself took lots of drugs and then hit the place with a fast paced fury.  Major did a lot of deathblow punches with his knucks while I impaled a bunch of scum and cut throats. Out of 10 guards almost all were killed.  Gizmodo's drone saved my butt at one point.  Nice shotgun, that Krime Boss.

We got out of there and set off the bombs, but Janus wanted to do the final meet in the same parking garage we were already parked in.  That seemed fishy as could be!  The meet worked okay, though, and we got our money.

I was happy as a shark in bloody water til I saw the newsfeed about our run.  The newsfeed identified us as the culprits. They called us terrorists!!  They managed to record our dinner together when we first met Mr. Johnson, and they also recorded us in the stairs of the building. Our faces were on the news!  This is fucked.

The only reason I don't plan to kill Janus immediately is that he was heavily implicated in the crime. They even mentioned him by name. So here we go again. My cover is blown.  How can I salvage this mess?  Anyway, gotta go to Kenjutsu class now. How about we go shooting after and you can give me ideas on how to fix this drek? 



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