Shadowrun: Montreal

Down Time

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Hey Everybody,

I thought I would give you a heads up about a new game element I would like to add to the game starting next session. Between runs I would like to do a short roleplaying segment where each character talks about what they are doing during the down time. I don't mean just the nuts and bolts mechanics of buying new gear and spending karma (although we can do that as well, rather what does your character do when he/she isn't running. Volunteer at a soup kitchen? Party at the clubs? Do you contact another member of time team and bond over brunch and a day at the spa? Spend time with loved ones? The idea is to do some narrative based character development that isn't tied directly to the rules, kind of round out your characters personalities and personal stories (as well as give me ammunition to complicate your lives)! This is not a rules governed mechanic of the game and is meant to be a fun (hopefully) way of including everybody in the storytelling and world building.

Thank you,



Sounds fun!

Down Time

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