Shadowrun: Montreal

12,000 reasons to like art

We were recovering from our previous run. Although we completed it successfully, many things had gone wrong. First, both Janus and our group had been followed and spied on since our first meeting with the rich kid, and everything had been revealed to the media after the operation. Obviously this was a tactic from the human-supremacists to discredit Janus and we got caught in the crossfire. Now we are tagged as terrorists… It bet it didn’t help that almost all the groups are metahumans, and Janus took credit for the bombing and blogged “Equality for metahumans!”


A few weeks later, Quinn (our Face) is invited by several goons in a car, mafia-style, to have a talk about a potential run.  It’s one of “those offers you can’t refuse,” so he gets into the car and ends up in a Mc Hughes franchise. We follow the conversation through Quinn’s commlink. In the fast food joint, two trolls introduce themselves: Nick Sausilito, a member of the Montreal mob, and another dude whose name escapes me (I need to take my meds). They want us to recover a painting, currently stored in an Errand Knight evidence locker. It seems the Red Dragons (Montreal Triad) also wants that painting named “Dreamer at the Fountain.” The painting is to be shipped to Seattle in 3-4 days. The Knight Errant precinct it’s stored at is #84. We accept the job after negotiating the price: 12,000 Nuyens per runner, plus the ability to req some gear for the mission and, one owed favor from Sausilito’s mafia family. Not bad.


Snow uses her Matrix magic to perform some recon. She gets:

  • The precinct’s floorplan
  • The employee schedule
  • The location of all cameras
  • The Host rating is 4, guarded by Troll IC
  • The place is protected by a Fire alarm and a Panic alarm


That’s up to a good start. We get closer to the precinct, and I perform a flyby recon of the place with my fly-spy drone. I make sure to fly casual and stop by nearby hips of refuse to avoid attracting suspicion. Back at my “workshop,” (a friend’s junkyard), I pick up a couple steel plates that I bend and weld into the case of a case, large enough for the painting. I jury-rig straps large enough for Minor Event to carry on his back.


We then discuss “the plan.” Many ideas are proposed, but only a few are retained: Snow will create a diversion, simulating an alert off site, to get a few KE cops out of the building. Snow will stay in the van and help us loop the cameras while the rest of the group will reach the precinct’s back door (closest one from the Evidence locker) and pick its lock. Then we’ll work as fast as possible to snatch the painting and get out of there. Saber and Minor event bicker like an old couple, I wonder if they go way back (it sure looks like it). We’ll try killing as few people as possible (my roto-drone’s Krime boss is loaded with Gel rounds, Minor events has shock gloves, but Saber has no non-lethal options besides his martial art training).


It’s 3am, we’re lock and loading in my GMC Bulldog. As we get ready before the run, Minor Event takes Kamikaze, just like his brother Major before the previous run. After that, the troll was taking no prisoner, crushing skulls of any one who dared oppose him. I hope this is not going to be a reboot of that disaster… How can you trust someone loading on this drug? It’s Go-time. Snow is able to loop the cameras near our entry point. I open the lock’s casing then bypass the door’s security with Saber’s help. We move in. Further in the hallway, a janitor is walking away from us, pushing his mop bucket. The lock to the evidence locker is harder to break in, but the second try’s a charm. Inside, a clerk is sitting at his desk. We think he’s sleeping at first, but closer inspection shows that he’s been knocked out with a poison dart! We locate the painting, but it’s been replaced by a worthless pressed flower. Snow reports that someone else just hacked the cameras, and set a loop with a different timestamp. What the What!? We’ve been bamboozled, another team beat us to the punch and just stole our target! The Janitor, an elf wearing expensive loafers (!), is walking away with the painting. Snow figures that the other team is entering/leaving through the front secondary entrance. Several unsilenced gunshots are heard, the reantacops in the building start to react: we have to move out of here fast, all the while preventing the other shadowrunners from escaping with our prize!


All hell breaks loose, Saber and Minor Event run after the “janitor”. Battle ensues. I bring in my roto-drone, who fails to stop the elf but gets shot down in the process. Tabarnak d’Ostie en  Crisse : this sacré machine was worth more than my pay check for this mission! A spirit shaped like a hedgehog attacks our front line. Suspecting that a gateway vehicle will be waiting for the fake janitor in front of the building. I jump into my truck and move it around the building’s corner. As we thought, a van similar to mine is maneuvering to pick the elf up. I first shoot a salvo into the van’s tires, to no effect. I see red: Those Fraks are good, but they are not slipping away on my watch. I warn Snow through the van’s PA system to brace herself. I back the Bulldog, then release the nitro, push the engines in the red and ram the other truck as fast and hard as I can. The driver tries to dodge, for which I compensate. The other vehicle is pushed hard into the building and totaled (Gizmodo:1, Assholes:0). Even better, my beloved van does not even have a scratch! A dwarf and a mage open their door to exit and start shooting at my van. The armor protects Snow effectively. After a few fruitless exchanges of lead, the mage is skewered by Saber’s knife. The other two opponents, a dwarf decker and our “janitor” elf decide to escape on foot with the painting. They don’t go far, as I run other them like I run over speed bumps: at full speed. Judging by the odd angles of their limbs, they are most likely dead: final score Gizmodo: 3, Assholes: 0.


We recover the painting, Minor Event picks up my body (unconscious in the evidence room), then everyone’s loaded in the Bulldog and we get out of dodge. I try using my smuggler skills to avoid being detected by incoming police cars and manage to evade them. As I think we managed to escape scot-free, another van and two motorcycles bearing the Red Dragon colors start chasing us. It’s time for the Gizmodo-Show !!


Thank you for the writeup. Justa couple small details I’d like to address:

>but Saber has no non-lethal options besides his martial art training

Not true, mon amie! I loaded my submachine gun with stick ‘n’ shock rounds for this run.

I’m the one who geeked the mage, and your van killed two of the enemy team, so I’d say

Gizmodo: 2, Saber: 1, Assholes: 0

Without you this run would have gone rotten, so big thanks to you, Gizmodo.

12,000 reasons to like art

Thank you, a great write up. Feel free to take 3 Karma or 1 bonus edge for the upcoming session.


12,000 reasons to like art

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