Shadowrun: Montreal

Next Game Day

With Quan's departure from the group I thought I would throw an idea out there and see what people thought. On our next game day, I thought we could do a boardgame day during which we could discuss our future gaming direction – which system and such. Does that sound good to everybody? 

Also, do we want to keep the 22nd as our next gaming day or move it up to this week? I'm pretty flexible so anytime works for me. Feel free to throw out ideas of games, adventures in the comments if you'd like.



Pursued by Red Dragons
from Snow's perspective

We were only blocks from the Knight Errant precinct when motorcycles pulled up on each side of our van.  No surprise, the bikes had the Red Dragon symbol above the air intake.  A few seconds later, a van pulled up behind us. 

I went into AR and looked for hidden icons.  They were all running silent.  I did a quick Matrix peek, but I only saw one of them.  The biker on our right had a cheap commlink.  I didn't see the vehicles, but my guess is they were running with a meat interface.   Minor Event was helping me look, too, but I was at a bit of a disadvantage, injured and running silent.

Minor Event was at the back of the van, waiting for his moment to jump out of the back and literally leap onto the vehicle behind us.  No joke.  He was lit up on Kamikaze, so I wasn't about to argue with him.  I did ask him for help erasing the screamer tag on our objet d'art.    

Saber and Quinn were shooting through the gun ports Gizmodo had installed on the sides and back of the van.  The bikers tried to shoot us with a spray of bullets and fire, but they were lame.  I looked over at Gizmodo, curled over his rigger control console.  He was driving the van in VR.  He was the van.  Gizmodo swerved to cut off the guy with the flamethrower.  I'll call him Mohawk. 

Barely avoiding a collision, Mohawk leaned far on his bike, veering away from the van.  He had just recovered to drive upright when Quinn shot the fuel line on his flame thrower.  Mohawk looked down to his side to see the fuel jetting from his gas tank and BOOM!  His burning body tumbled, bounced and rolled down the street as the bike scraped across the asphalt in a flurry of sparks.  It was dope!

Saber was having trouble with his smart gun.  Attack from a decker or mage, most likely.  Gizmodo twitched and I could see smoke rising from his RCC.  I asked Agent Frosty to have a look for the enemy hacker as I reconfigured my deck for Matrix combat.  I dove into Hot Sim and hunted for that doomed hacker. 

Gizmodo sprayed oil on the road behind us.  Their van skidded a bit, but they stayed on the road.  When the distance closed, Minor made his move and leapt onto the van behind us, punched through their windshield and throttled the driver. 

Their archmage conjured a barrier in front of our van.  Gizmodo swerved and drove up onto the sidewalk to avoid smashing into the shimmering wall.  I don't think he hit any pedestrians, but if he mowed down an exec, it wouldn't break my heart.

Saber and Quinn finished the second biker.  Then Quinn aimed for the enemy's engine, but sprayed the asphalt instead.  Saber shot at the occupants in their vehicle.  Neither Quinn or Saber seem to be worried about Minor Event, who is plastered in front of their targets.  Minor climbs in through the windshield to get a better grip on their throats. 

The enemy decker had the persona of a WW2 fighter pilot.  I threw an ice spike at the plane, freezing the tail rudder and part of the wing.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take down the plane before it bricked Gizmodo's RCC.  When you're in the matrix, your body is insensate, as if you were in a coma.  And yet, when you cry in the matrix, tears fall from your face in meat space. 

Saber and Minor Event took out the mage in the back seat.  With a third ice spike, I finished the decker.  The driver crashed into the side of the building, ending the chase. 

Inside the van we found Minor Event knocked out but still breathing.  Gizmodo slapped a stimpatch on him.  Minor was up and energetic for 10 minutes before he passed out again.  At least we didn't have to carry him far. 

We spent just a minute looting the van.  We got the standard loot, plus a sweet Xiao MPG-1.  Saber also filled a pillowcase with grenades.  Then we split the scene.  I kept the jammer on while I changed the ownership of our wireless loot.   

We met up with Nick Sausilito at McQ's to drop off Dreamer at the Fountain and get paid. Nick was nice enough to arrange for our deck to be fenced and got us an awesome deal.  Nicky is okay.  I wouldn't mind doing business with him again someday.


About a week later, Saber got a call from St. James to discuss a new job.  St. James is a dick, but he doesn't screw over shadowrunners.  We all went to meet him at noon at the Bar Dasha.   

This job would require us to go far to the north in the middle of nowhere.  There is a camp near this meteor impact site, Pingualuit crater.  A technomancer is being held there and tested upon.  Pay is 20K to rescue the techno, plus 1K each for additional captives.  And 3K for additional information on this organization.  Apparently after we bring the technomancer back, he will need to be reintegrated.  What did they do to this guy?

Our employer will arrange to get us to Kangiqsujuaq, aka Wakeham Bay.  We'll be at a mining office owned by Saeder-Krupp.  Our cover story is that we will be looking for potential mining sites.  We will be given ATVs and the supplies we need to cross the frozen wasteland to get to this camp.  

This is Amerind land, and there disputes regarding treaties, the land and the resources.  Maybe we should have a cover story where we are legally allowed to be where we are going.  At least the cover story is believable:  Saeder-Krupp ignores Amerind treaty, plans to pollute land and steal resources.  

Interestingly, the technomancer we need capture to is Peter Edwardson.  Eddie Fastjack told me about his guy.  Peter was originally supposed to do the job to terrorize Humanis Policlub, but then he disappeared and I got the job instead.  I'll have to check in with Eddie to see what else he might tell me about this hacker. 


Getting away ain't always free...
from Minor Events perspective

I can only speak from my perspective as I may have been unconscious during some part of the meet afterwards.

It all began after the crushing by Gizmodo of the sneaky, “janitor”, and his partners trying to escape with our paydata. Not on this teams watch. As we drove away to escape two bikers and a van approached from behind and started messing with us. Saber prepared to lay waste to the van but I was at the back of our vehicle and may have took up a bit of his space. Never the less he opened up on a biker on the side. They were flashing strobe lights at us with little effect. Saber started having issues with his gun and started teching out. Shutting off his wi-fi? and smartlink. I think he went silent like I always like to be. Something was still effecting him though and he guessed they may have a Mage messing with us. Gizmo was having problems with his tech as well but he did show it in his driving. He was steady and determined to get away. Snow went on the hunt looking for people and tech on the Matrix. I did my best (not much) to help her find those icons. I felt more helpful than I may have been, but Snow found them and starting working her techno magic.

Quinn, laying back waiting for his shot, got it and fired a burst which sent the biker up in flames! One down. A bike and the van left. It was obvious to me Gizmo was not going to be able to outrun this assault. Saber fired off more rounds and it was only a matter of time before he would have taken the other biker down as well.

The opportunity arrived! Gizmo got ahead of the van again and they moved right up to his bumper. Perfect! I took my chance to bring this chase to a head. I leaped out of the back door right on to the front windshield of the van, punched through the window and grabbed the driver. He was distracted but squirmed loose and attempted to stun me with a baton. This was Sabers chance. He fired into the van and took out what I later found out was the decker who jacked Gizmos gear. He shouldn’t have done that and he paid for it with his life. The other backseat occupant did some mojo and I recognized he was the spell caster. The driver was losing control and this van was soon to crash. I mumbled where the Mage was and rolled into the back seat to force feed him some knucks. He didn’t like that much but really disliked what came next. Saber took his shot and that Mage was dead. I told them they should have left us alone. Right at that time the turned, out of control, right into a building. The crash was severe. Someone, Gizmo? Woke me up with some stim patch. I remember waking up saying, “Yes! They should have left us alone!”

Then there were some bright lights and a distinct buzzing in my ear and…Crash! Whew that Kamikaze packs a punch. All I know from then is Saber called way too early in the morning for me to be coherent. Fortunately, Quinn and Snow can put a face on to meet with our payers. Some Mafia guy says he owes us a favor.

Gizmo and crew agreed to sell off some swag we retrieved from the dudes in the van. Turns out the Mafia guy knew some people who could use the cyberdeck. He netted us some great pay which we agreed to let each other repair any broken gear and then split the rest. Lucky, because tech is not cheap! Turns out this run paid good…

We got a call from our first Fixer in Montreal. He had a doosey of a job up North in the wilderness. Uh, yeah, he offered anything we wanted to drink… I let the Face handle the details…

Waiter! Bring me a double…

12,000 reasons to like art

We were recovering from our previous run. Although we completed it successfully, many things had gone wrong. First, both Janus and our group had been followed and spied on since our first meeting with the rich kid, and everything had been revealed to the media after the operation. Obviously this was a tactic from the human-supremacists to discredit Janus and we got caught in the crossfire. Now we are tagged as terrorists… It bet it didn’t help that almost all the groups are metahumans, and Janus took credit for the bombing and blogged “Equality for metahumans!”


A few weeks later, Quinn (our Face) is invited by several goons in a car, mafia-style, to have a talk about a potential run.  It’s one of “those offers you can’t refuse,” so he gets into the car and ends up in a Mc Hughes franchise. We follow the conversation through Quinn’s commlink. In the fast food joint, two trolls introduce themselves: Nick Sausilito, a member of the Montreal mob, and another dude whose name escapes me (I need to take my meds). They want us to recover a painting, currently stored in an Errand Knight evidence locker. It seems the Red Dragons (Montreal Triad) also wants that painting named “Dreamer at the Fountain.” The painting is to be shipped to Seattle in 3-4 days. The Knight Errant precinct it’s stored at is #84. We accept the job after negotiating the price: 12,000 Nuyens per runner, plus the ability to req some gear for the mission and, one owed favor from Sausilito’s mafia family. Not bad.


Snow uses her Matrix magic to perform some recon. She gets:

  • The precinct’s floorplan
  • The employee schedule
  • The location of all cameras
  • The Host rating is 4, guarded by Troll IC
  • The place is protected by a Fire alarm and a Panic alarm


That’s up to a good start. We get closer to the precinct, and I perform a flyby recon of the place with my fly-spy drone. I make sure to fly casual and stop by nearby hips of refuse to avoid attracting suspicion. Back at my “workshop,” (a friend’s junkyard), I pick up a couple steel plates that I bend and weld into the case of a case, large enough for the painting. I jury-rig straps large enough for Minor Event to carry on his back.


We then discuss “the plan.” Many ideas are proposed, but only a few are retained: Snow will create a diversion, simulating an alert off site, to get a few KE cops out of the building. Snow will stay in the van and help us loop the cameras while the rest of the group will reach the precinct’s back door (closest one from the Evidence locker) and pick its lock. Then we’ll work as fast as possible to snatch the painting and get out of there. Saber and Minor event bicker like an old couple, I wonder if they go way back (it sure looks like it). We’ll try killing as few people as possible (my roto-drone’s Krime boss is loaded with Gel rounds, Minor events has shock gloves, but Saber has no non-lethal options besides his martial art training).


It’s 3am, we’re lock and loading in my GMC Bulldog. As we get ready before the run, Minor Event takes Kamikaze, just like his brother Major before the previous run. After that, the troll was taking no prisoner, crushing skulls of any one who dared oppose him. I hope this is not going to be a reboot of that disaster… How can you trust someone loading on this drug? It’s Go-time. Snow is able to loop the cameras near our entry point. I open the lock’s casing then bypass the door’s security with Saber’s help. We move in. Further in the hallway, a janitor is walking away from us, pushing his mop bucket. The lock to the evidence locker is harder to break in, but the second try’s a charm. Inside, a clerk is sitting at his desk. We think he’s sleeping at first, but closer inspection shows that he’s been knocked out with a poison dart! We locate the painting, but it’s been replaced by a worthless pressed flower. Snow reports that someone else just hacked the cameras, and set a loop with a different timestamp. What the What!? We’ve been bamboozled, another team beat us to the punch and just stole our target! The Janitor, an elf wearing expensive loafers (!), is walking away with the painting. Snow figures that the other team is entering/leaving through the front secondary entrance. Several unsilenced gunshots are heard, the reantacops in the building start to react: we have to move out of here fast, all the while preventing the other shadowrunners from escaping with our prize!


All hell breaks loose, Saber and Minor Event run after the “janitor”. Battle ensues. I bring in my roto-drone, who fails to stop the elf but gets shot down in the process. Tabarnak d’Ostie en  Crisse : this sacré machine was worth more than my pay check for this mission! A spirit shaped like a hedgehog attacks our front line. Suspecting that a gateway vehicle will be waiting for the fake janitor in front of the building. I jump into my truck and move it around the building’s corner. As we thought, a van similar to mine is maneuvering to pick the elf up. I first shoot a salvo into the van’s tires, to no effect. I see red: Those Fraks are good, but they are not slipping away on my watch. I warn Snow through the van’s PA system to brace herself. I back the Bulldog, then release the nitro, push the engines in the red and ram the other truck as fast and hard as I can. The driver tries to dodge, for which I compensate. The other vehicle is pushed hard into the building and totaled (Gizmodo:1, Assholes:0). Even better, my beloved van does not even have a scratch! A dwarf and a mage open their door to exit and start shooting at my van. The armor protects Snow effectively. After a few fruitless exchanges of lead, the mage is skewered by Saber’s knife. The other two opponents, a dwarf decker and our “janitor” elf decide to escape on foot with the painting. They don’t go far, as I run other them like I run over speed bumps: at full speed. Judging by the odd angles of their limbs, they are most likely dead: final score Gizmodo: 3, Assholes: 0.


We recover the painting, Minor Event picks up my body (unconscious in the evidence room), then everyone’s loaded in the Bulldog and we get out of dodge. I try using my smuggler skills to avoid being detected by incoming police cars and manage to evade them. As I think we managed to escape scot-free, another van and two motorcycles bearing the Red Dragon colors start chasing us. It’s time for the Gizmodo-Show !!

Down Time
The Daily Grind

Hey Everybody,

I thought I would give you a heads up about a new game element I would like to add to the game starting next session. Between runs I would like to do a short roleplaying segment where each character talks about what they are doing during the down time. I don't mean just the nuts and bolts mechanics of buying new gear and spending karma (although we can do that as well, rather what does your character do when he/she isn't running. Volunteer at a soup kitchen? Party at the clubs? Do you contact another member of time team and bond over brunch and a day at the spa? Spend time with loved ones? The idea is to do some narrative based character development that isn't tied directly to the rules, kind of round out your characters personalities and personal stories (as well as give me ammunition to complicate your lives)! This is not a rules governed mechanic of the game and is meant to be a fun (hopefully) way of including everybody in the storytelling and world building.

Thank you,



Hello fellow Shadowrunners,

I downloaded a google spreadsheet calendar that we can use to track stuff for the campaign (stuff like addiction tests, downtime training, lifestyle costs, etc.). I tried posting this once before and I don't think obsidian portal posted it. If OP did I apologize for the duplicate link. I hope everybody is having a great day!

Here is the link to the calendar:


Humanis is a Pain in the (J)anus
The run from Saber's perspective

The PCs:  

* Saber – elf street sammie

* Quinn – elf face

* Major – troll combat medic

* Gizmodo – ork rigger

* Snow – human decker

Hey chummer, howzit? Come on in. Sorry for th' mess. Hey, I gotta go to my kenjutsu lesson in a few minutes, but I can quickly tell you about that recent run you asked about.

Quinn's Cree fixer Hotwire recommended a Mr. Johnson who needed work done. Quinn called me and Minor Event, only Minor wasn't available, so he sent his brother Major in his place. What's with these trolls and their names? Also going to the run were Snow, a human decker and Gizmodo an Ork rigger.

The Johnson was some young rich puke named Janus.  He wore AmerInd garb. What a poser!  He wanted to send a message to Humanis Policlub and wanted us to plant explosives that he supplied on 3 levels of their club in a downtown skyscraper. We negotiated 7,000 nuyen each with some upfront. Somehow Quinn talked him into paying us 3000 extra if innocents were harmed. Unbelievable!!

We took the job and figured out how to get in. Snow did a bunch of hacking and we got some floor plans and some personnel info. We found  Sasha, an elven security guard who had reason to side with us against Humanis. We found where she lived, waited for her, and then talked to her, finally deciding to pay her 2,000 nuyen to provide info and take a fall when we entered the place. When we finally did do our plan I didn't even punch her that hard.  

We discussed when to infiltrate. We finally decided to enter the parking area at 1:30 am, before the upstairs restaurant closed, so we'd have an excuse for being in the parking area.Then we would wait til 3:30 am to strike.  

Snow did a ton of prep work and a bunch of work disabling locks, controlling the elevator, faking out the cameras, and what have you.  You can't understate how important a good decker backup is.  Gizmodo did some great scouting with his drones as well.  Nice to finally have a bit of recon for once.

Major and myself took lots of drugs and then hit the place with a fast paced fury.  Major did a lot of deathblow punches with his knucks while I impaled a bunch of scum and cut throats. Out of 10 guards almost all were killed.  Gizmodo's drone saved my butt at one point.  Nice shotgun, that Krime Boss.

We got out of there and set off the bombs, but Janus wanted to do the final meet in the same parking garage we were already parked in.  That seemed fishy as could be!  The meet worked okay, though, and we got our money.

I was happy as a shark in bloody water til I saw the newsfeed about our run.  The newsfeed identified us as the culprits. They called us terrorists!!  They managed to record our dinner together when we first met Mr. Johnson, and they also recorded us in the stairs of the building. Our faces were on the news!  This is fucked.

The only reason I don't plan to kill Janus immediately is that he was heavily implicated in the crime. They even mentioned him by name. So here we go again. My cover is blown.  How can I salvage this mess?  Anyway, gotta go to Kenjutsu class now. How about we go shooting after and you can give me ideas on how to fix this drek? 

April 2nd Stuff

For the upcoming session at Jeff's apartment:

My address is:

1609 SW Park Ave apt. #502

Portland, OR 97201

Feel free to bring snacks and libations. I will provide a meal. Would people prefer:

  1. Spaghetti and Garlic Bread
  2. Shepard's Pie
  3. Chicken Stew and Grilled Cheese

Please let me know if you have any food allergies and/or dietary restrictions.

Thank you,



Shadowrun: Montreal

The isolationist Quebec has opened its doors. The corps are rushing in, the gangs are embroiled in a power struggle, and there is something dark lurking in old Montreal. It short, it's a runner's paradise right now. Tell me Omae, do you have the guts to run the shadows in the cold, cold north?

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